Our Servers + Rules

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Our Servers + Rules

Post by ferrarisrule on Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:27 pm

Current Servers:

[2142] Server Rules

Immediate Ban
- Do not cheat, hack, glitch, wall hack, aimbot, whatever.

Immediate Kick
-Any type of racism will not be tolerated and will be an auto-kick.

1 Warning, 1 Kick, Ban
- Do not disrespect ]I[ members or admins.
- Do not use explosives other than to get on top of buildings.

2 Warnings, 2 Kicks, Ban
- Snipers or Knives ONLY! Assault can only knife and CANNOT kill with defibrillator.
- No camping. See also, no guarding spawn point exits. Players must be given ample chance to leave the vicinity of their base.
- No spawn camping. This is defined as killing soldiers while still in the general vicinity of their spawn point.

[CoD4] Server Rules


Also, attempting to bend the rules set in place, may result in punishment.

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